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Two Popular WordPress Form Plugins Compared : Gravity Forms Vs Ninja Forms

Contact forms are a crucial part of any WordPress site. They can make or break a business powered by WordPress. Be it boosting your subscriber lists or potential customers, you have to have a contact form in some way or the other on your site. There are numerous options available that can be used to create contact forms; to name a few there are Contact Form 7 & Ninja Forms which are free & available on the WordPress plugin repository. When talking about commercial contact form plugins, Gravity Forms jumps at the top of the list. Let’s see who wins when two popular WordPress form plugins are compared; one being a paid plugin ( Gravity Forms ) and the other being free ( Ninja Forms ) from the WordPress plugin repository.

CORNER 1 – Gravity Forms: Build complex, powerful contact forms in just minutes with this commercial contact form plugin. No programming knowledge required! Yeah, it’s really that easy. Gravity Forms allows you to quickly and easily integrate with a variety of third-party services such as PayPal and provides for even deeper integration with WordPress through a collection of optional Add-Ons.


  • Not free but Open Source, and updates just like all other plugins in the repository
  • Been around since 2009? No public repository
  • Number of active installs – who knows? No idea of knowing since it is not in the WP repository

CORNER 2 – Ninja Forms: A free contact form plugin that lets you create contact forms, subscription forms, or any other form for your WordPress site with a simple drag and drop interface provided by the very powerful Ninja Forms framework.


  • Open Source & free and updates via the WP repository
  • Been around since 2011
  • 500,000+ active installs and great reviews

Each plugin has its own set of features (almost identical). It ultimately comes down to the requirement of the user – whether you are looking to spend for a plugin on a per-project basis or across multiple projects.

Round 1 : Installation & Setup

Gravity Forms needs to be purchased before you can install & set it up since it is a commercial plugin whereas Ninja Forms can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository.

With Ninja Forms, you are up & running in minutes.

Round 1 to Ninja Forms.

Round 2 : Feature Set & Add-ons

Gravity Forms offers an array of features like multi-page forms, schedule forms & restrict number of entries, create WordPress posts from entries submitted within a form, save forms and pick up finishing a form out later.

In the case of Ninja Forms, most of the features are available as add-ons : multi-page forms, conditional logic, login customization, file uploads.

Conditional logic & front-end posting are very interesting features available in both the plugins at the same level of complexity.

There are several add-ons available to integrate with various payment platforms and more. For details on add-0ns for Gravity Forms click here & for Ninja Forms click here.

Round 2 to Gravity Forms. If you need more features within a budget then Gravity Forms is for you.

Round 3 : The User Interface & Form Field Types

If you know your way around WordPress then both the plugins are pretty easy to use. You should have no problems in creating forms since both plugins have a simple drag & drop interface for form fields to be added to a form.

But when it comes to form fields, Gravity Forms wins fair & square. I found it more user-friendly as compared to Ninja Forms. Here are the demo sites where you can take both the plugins for a spin.

Gravity Forms Demo Site:

Ninja Forms Demo Site:

Round 3 to Gravity Forms again!

Round 4 : Price

Gravity Forms licenses have 3 levels, all plans include a full year of support and updates from the date of purchase:

  • Personal – $39 (Use unlimited forms with unlimited entries for only one site. Features like Auto-responders, Export Entries, Spam Protection are available but there are no add-ons included)
  • Business – $99 (At this price point basic add-ons can be added and you can use the license on up to 3 websites)
  • Developer – $199 (You get everything with this license, including priority ticket support and access to advanced add-ons)

Ninja Forms has modules or packages you can purchase:

  • À la carte – ~$19 to $129 each
  • Business – $299 (Get 8 most popular add-ons at an amazingly discounted price. Perfect for a Do-It-Yourself business owner)
  • Pro Membership bundle – $499 (Get every single Ninja Forms add-ons with this license, full year of support and updates from the date of purchase)

Round 4 to Gravity Forms if you want more features on a budget.

Gravity Forms Vs Ninja Forms – The Verdict

Gravity Forms won today since it offers all the features at a lower price as compared to Ninja Forms where you have to purchase each add-on. If you need only specific features instead of all then Ninja Forms is well suited for you.

Which Form Plugin Is Right For Your WordPress Site And Why?

It ultimately depends on the requirements of the user. If you only need, for example, MailChimp integration for one site, Ninja Forms will be cheaper. It all comes down to the price – Developer license for Gravity Forms, EVERYTHING for $199 & Developer license for Ninja Forms, 10 modules for $299.

Which of the two plugins would you choose? Leave us your reply in the comments box.