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OpenTute+ just acquired PlusPlugins

OpenTute+ just acquired PlusPlugins

We have some really exciting news to share!!! It gives me monumental pleasure to announce that “OpenTute+ just acquired PlusPlugins”

OpenTute+ acquires PlusPlugins

Yes, you read that right. OpenTute+ has officially taken PlusPlugins under its wings. You must be wondering what I’m talking about? Just read on further to find out more about PlusPlugins.

What PlusPlugins is?

PlusPlugins was a team working on customizations for Ultimate Member (a free WordPress user profiles plugin that took building online communities to a whole new level). Based on their customization, the team launched 7 extensions (5 premium and 2 free) for Ultimate Member.

PlusPlugins - Reviews

Ultimate Member extensions by PlusPlugins:

  • Ultimate Member ITI ($19.99 – $49.99): Input masking for telephone numbers. Validate user input so that your database of user contact details is valid and useable.

  • Ultimate Member Tabs Pro ($19.99 – $49.99): Add custom forms to any profile tab and allow users to edit it on the same tab. This plugin extends the functionality of the popular free Ultimate Member Tabs plugin.

  • Ultimate Member Contact Form ($19.99 – $49.99): Add a contact form so that users and visitors can contact members on your site via email without exposing their private details.
  • Ultimate Member Maps ($19.99 – $49.99): Easily add a map to your Ultimate Member directories. This plugin integrates seamlessly with Ultimate Member and allows you to add a customizable map to any Ultimate Member directory.

  • Ultimate Member Events Calendar ($19.99 – $49.99): This plugin integrates The Events Calendar with Ultimate Member. It adds a custom tab to your UM Profiles, listing the events that the user has added.

  • Ultimate Member Relational Fields (Free download): Ultimate Member helps you build a community. A community is all about being linked. This plugin allows you to link users to other users, as well as post types and taxonomies.

  • Ultimate Member Tabs (Free download): Easily add custom profile tabs to your Ultimate Member site. Please note that this plugin is now available in the WordPress plugin repository for download.

What OpenTute+ will offer for PlusPlugins?

OpenTute+ will be providing support for all the plugins by PlusPlugins officially from Monday onwards. So if you are a PlusPlugins customer, contact us at and if you are an OpenTute+ customer don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your hands on the plugins at at a discounted price till the 5th August 2016.

OpenTute+ just acquired PlusPlugins and for our loyal customers here’s an exclusive discount coupon code: Use 50PERCENT to get a potential discount (Valid till 5th August 2016 only)!!!