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WordPress 4.5 Coleman Released – Optimized Image Generation & More Exciting Features

The new version of WordPress just released – WordPress 4.5 “Coleman” in honor of American jazz tenor saxophonist, Coleman Hawkins. The new release includes some eagerly awaited improvements including optimized image generation performance, comment moderation screen cleanup, and much more. But the major focus of the version update is availing easier WordPress content formatting, editing & customization. Let’s have a look at what’s new in store for WordPress users in the new version.

Optimized Image Generation Performance

By far the best improvement in the new release has to be the optimized image generation performance. WordPress 4.5 will now use 82 for the image quality when compressing images (was 90 in WordPress 4.4) thus boosting the images’ loading up to 50% faster, now WordPress will produce identical images with much smaller size with no noticeable loss of quality.

Native Support For A Custom Theme Logo

Native Suport for Custom Logo in Customizer

With code borrowed from Jetpack’s implementation WordPress 4.5 now provides native support for customizer right within the default Customizer. Most themes which support the custom logo option add an upload form in the Site Identity panel in the Customizer. A big win for theme developers as including a native support for custom logo within the Customizer in the core implementation. Now you know where to customize your site’s logo no matter which theme you use.

Selective Refresh In Customizer

WordPress 4.5 now offers selective refresh in te Customizer so the entire preview doesn’t have to be refreshed during setting changes. Instant & quick previews of the selective settings supported in all core themes & core widgets. A major performance improvement I must say!

Live Responsive Previews In The Customizer

WordPress 4.5 Coleman - Responsive Previews in Customizer

Now quickly preview your site to check how it would look on different devices right from the Customizer. The new update includes Live Responsive Previews (Desktop | Tablet | Mobile) so you know well a theme works for your WordPress site across various devices.

Intuitive Interface For Editing Inline Links

WordPress 4.5 Coleman - Intuitive Inline Links Interface

Forget the distracting pop-up for adding inline links in your blog posts / pages & say hello to the intuitive interface for editing inline links in WordPress 4.5. Never again leave your keyboard when working on a post to add links, just use Ctrl + K (Command+K on Mac). If you were bugged by the pop-up for adding links in the previous version then this feature has got to be your favorite. It stands at #1 for me anyways 🙂

Horizontal Lines & Code Tags Added Into Inline Text Shortcuts

WordPress 4.5 makes it easier to add code & horizontal lines within posts / pages now with its code tag & horizontal inline text shortcuts. Just type lines of codes within backquotes/backticks (` any  line of code `) to add code snippets in posts/pages. Type three dashes (—) to add a horizontal line in a post / page.

Same Domain Links In Comments Will Not Have Nofollow Attribute

If a user or you add a link to a page / post on your WordPress site in the comment text, then WordPress will no longer add nofollow attribute to it in WordPress 4.5 which used to happen in the previous version (WordPress 4.4).

But remember, if a link is added in the URL field while submitting a comment, then WordPress will add a nofollow & external attributes to the specified link.

Comment Moderation Screen Cleaned Up

WordPress 4.4 ignored plain HTML formatting in comments & didn’t allow editing option of comments in the comment notification emails. WordPress 4.5 cleans up the comment moderation screen in the latest release. Now comments look much cleaner & you can even click on the Edit link to edit submitted comments up for moderation.

Login With Email

You can forget a username but never your email address, so WordPress 4.5 now allows you to log in with either your username or email. You are free to use either of the two now. If you have a plugin activated to allow your users to log in with an email you can safely deactivate & delete it now. One less plugin to worry about on your WordPress site.

Which one has been your favorite feature so far in WordPress 4.5? Let us know in the comments below.

People flocked to the WordPress support forum reporting that the “Add Media” button was not working but it seems to be a conflict issue with plugins / themes so far since I didn’t encounter it while testing WordPress 4.5. If you have found any bugs do let us know.