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Post Featured Font Icon

Post Featured Icon: It add font icon to post title, replace featured image with font icon. Currently it supports dashicons, genericons, font-awesome. == Description == Post Featured Icon: It allows to add font icons to post title, and there is option so that we can replace post thumbnail with font icon. It supports: *   dashicons…

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Make Clickable

It converts plain text URI to HTML links.It converts URI, www, FTP, and email addresses. It Finishes by fixing links within links. USE: <?php make_clickable( $ret ) ?> Example: <?php $string = “Text that contains some links like and .”; echo make_clickable($string); ?> Result: Text that contains some links like and .” REF:

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Famous 5-Minute WordPress Installation

WordPress is very famous for his easy installation and ease of use. Let’s dive into WordPress Famous 5-Minute Installation. Things You Need to Do to Install WordPress Please ensure that your web host have the minimum requirements to run WordPress. Please Download the latest release of WordPress. Unzip the downloaded file to your root folder.…

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